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  • Avène : Le don d’apaiser, Virtual reality experience.

    • 360 video shooting, Ultra high resolution 360 photos, Stitching,  Editing, VFX, Motion design, Photorealistic 3D environnement design using UE4, 360 rendering.

  • Drip Drop (Eliza Mcnitt), Virtual reality experience using volumetric capture.

    • Volumetric capture surpervisor (Los Angeles).

  • Songs Of Infinity (Eliza Mcnitt, Prod. Darren Aronofsky), 9k 360 Expérience for Holodome (MoPop, Seattle).

    • VR 9k Compositing, 3D, editing, motion design.

  • Hold On (Corinne Linder), VR monoscopic immersive experience about contemporary circus.

    • Stitching, stabilization, editing, VFX, Motion design.

  • The ordinary circus girl (Corinne Linder), VR stereoscopic immersive experience about contemporary circus.

    • Stitching, Stabilization, editing, VFX, Motion design.

  • Change, Mini series made for Youtube during the VR Creator Lab.

    • Director, VR180 stéréoscopic shooting, Stitching, Stabilization, Tracking, Editing, VFX, Motion design.

  • 14 Bergère Experience, Interactive experience showing the 14 rue Bergère building history in Paris.

    • Réalisation, Prises de vue 360 très haute résolution, Stitching, Montage, VFX, Motion design.

  • -22.7, Virtual reality experience about musical creation in polar environment.

    • 3D Conception of an aurora borealis, compositing.

    • Video processings.

  • CLAUDE MONET - The Water Lily obsession, Virtual reality experience exploring the "Water Lilies" by Claude Monet.

    • Video enhancing, VFX, Motion design.

  • Merck Curiosity, Interactive Experience using the Ars Electronica Deep Space 8k installation

    • Scenario, Project manager.

Drip Drop - Trailer
Songs Of Infinity Trailer
-22.7 °C Trailer
CIVB - Trailer
Avene VR Trailer
BNP - 14 Bergère Trailer
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